May 2024

The Global Network of Water Museums and Culture For Causes Network (C4C) are pleased to announce their intention to develop a partnership focused on the theme of water. Both organizations share the belief that understanding and preserving water ecosystems and heritage is crucial for building a sustainable way of life. Recognizing that significant efforts are still needed to raise awareness on this critical issue, particularly in the digital realm, they have decided to launch their joint initiatives during MuseumWeek 2024 in celebration of International Oceans Day which will coincides with #WaterMW day. More info about the cooperation will be released later this year.

March 2024

Culture for Causes Network (C4C), the Institute for Sustainable Development/European Public Law Organization (EPLO), and the International Theatre Institute (ITI), announced their collaboration in organizing two pivotal panel discussions during the UNESCO World Conference on Culture and Arts Education at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre. Centred around the critical theme, “Culture and Arts Education for a Sustainable Future”, these panels aim to foster a dynamic and interdisciplinary dialogue, leveraging the diverse expertise of our esteemed speakers. Our goal is to facilitate not only innovative discussions but also the exchange of tangible experiences, with the aspiration of initiating ongoing, actionable measures post-conference to sustain the momentum of the topics addressed.

The first panel delved into the professional dimensions of the theme, scrutinizing how cultural institutions can integrate sustainability policies across various domains, including legal, networking, operational, and technological aspects. Conversely, the second panel poised to engage with the public sphere, examining effective strategies to engage both emotional responses and widespread public involvement in intensifying awareness and action towards environmental sustainability. This holistic approach aims to bridge the gap between professional practices and public consciousness, thereby amplifying the impact of arts and culture in championing a sustainable future.

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January 2024

Official dates of MuseumWeek 2024 and themes released.

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July 2023

Release of MuseumWeek 2023 official results.

June 2023

Exhibition ‘Reconciliation with the living‘ hosted on the occasion of Non Fungible Conference, 7-8 June 2023 in Lisbon, Portugal. read the Press Release.

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April 2023

Exhibition ‘Reconciliation with the living‘ hosted on the occasion of Art For Tomorrow, 26-30 April 2023 in Florence, Italy. read the Press Release.

5-11 June 2023: MuseumWeek 2023

February 2023

#MuseumWeek 2023’s program officially available in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.